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20 Twitter Widget Tools, Buttons, and Icons for Engaging your Followers

Posted by Ruly Abdillah Ginting on Monday, November 28, 2011

Twitter is continuing to grow at a most overwhelming rate. As more and more people use sure to utilize these twitter resources on your blog or website as a tool to to expand and connect with your twitter community.

Widgets and buttons are a great way to grab your readers attention and hence increase your twitter community. Below you will find links to different sites where you can attain the source code for these widgets and icons. Please enjoy thoroughly!

Twitter Widgets

ReTweet Button
A powerful twitter widget which allows your readers to easily share your blog posts. The button also displays a live count of the amount of times the post has been tweeted! ReTweet allows you to choose from two different sizes of buttons.

TweetMeMe Button
This twitter widget is very similar to the ReTweet Button but is stylized with a green interface.

BackType TweetCount Widget
The widget also counts the number times a certain URL has been tweeted. The great thing about this counter is that you can fully customize it. Choose the background color, border color, text color, etc.

Yet another twitter button which displays the number count of tweets in real-time.

This widget shows off how many people are following you on twitter. Surely, you'll be able to impress a few tweeters.

This widget shows which twitter users recently visited your blog or website.
twitter icon picture

This badge displays your latest tweet with many different styles to choose from.
twitter icon picture

Chris' Original Twitter Badge
Chris has created a snazzy looking twitter badge which loads in no time.

Create a twitter badge for your blog which scrolls through your most recent tweets.

A WordPress Plugin which displays your twitter status.
twitter icon picture

Twitter Tag
Here is an automatic updating twitter image for your website or blog.

TwitSig Badge
This twitter image updates with your latest tweet by creating a new image every time you update your status. With this in mind, the twitter badge shouldn't take too much time to load on your blog.

Official Twitter Profile Widget
This widget loops through your tweets and has a full range of customization options. The twitter widget allows you to choose the color scheme, dimensions, and whether or not to loop through your old tweets as well.

Add Twitter to MySpace
The MySpace Flash Widget integrates Twitter into your MySpace profile page. This is a great twitter widget for myspace!
twitter icon picture

Twitter Gadget for Blogger
Simply display your recent updates on twitter as a list with this gadget. Also featuring a "Follow me On Twitter" link at the bottom of the widget.
twitter icon picture

Go2Web20 Badge
A simple image which floats on the side of your blog and directs readers to your twitter page when clicked on. Choose whether or not to display "Follow Us", "Follow Me", "Follow", or "My Twitter" in the image. Most people choose the Follow Me on twitter widget instead of the follow us on twitter button because it sounds more personal. You may also customize whether or not to display the twitter widget on the left or right side of your webpage.
twitter icon picture

TweetSnap creates an image for your twitter account which will always display your latest tweet.

Another website which creates an image of your latest tweet. TweetSticker allows you to customize the font color, font size, text padding, and text wrap.

Twitterati Badge
A unique twitter widget which displays your twitter friends. Click on one of your friends and you'll be directed to their actual website.

Twitter Buttons and Icons

225 Buttons from
TwitButtons allows you to easily copy and paste their button code into your site.
Twitter Button from

80 Buttons from
Make sure to click "More Twitter Buttons" at the bottom of their site to see the full collection. This follow us on twitter widget is my favorite!

Cute Twitter Bird by The Design SuperHero
3 Variations of the Twitter Bird with 5 different Resolutions.
twitter icon picture

Twitter Bird by WeFunction
3 more adorable variations of the twitter bird.
twitter icon picture

The Social Bird Icon Set
20 Wonderfully original twitter icons by popular artists for your inspiration. These icons have been released by InspiredMagazaine.
twitter icon picture

TweetBird Icon
1 icon which comes in 512×512, 256×256, 128×128, 64×64 and 32×32 pixel sizes.
twitter icon picture

TweetaBird Icon Set
2 more cute icons by LittleBoxOfIdeas. Featuring a twitter bird cheerleaders and a queen twitter bird.
twitter logo picture

Twitter Icon Promo Pack
53 Twitter Icons by WebTreats for you to grab and use on your site.
twitter logo picture

German Twitter Buttons by MTS
10 more twitter buttons for you to enjoy!

Twitter Graphics by Graphic Leftovers
16 twitter graphics in different shapes and forms; such as eggs,lightbulbs,bottle caps, and more.

Twitter Birds by Inaliblast
8 flying twitter bird icons.

Twitter Bird Icon Set by ProductiveDreams
6 High Quality transparent PNG twitter birds.

Free Tweet Tweet Vector Icon Set
1 Twitter bird with 4 differnet poses, created by ProductiveDreams as well.

Randa Clay Twitter Graphics
18 twitter buttons for gaining new followers.

Happy Birds by WebDesignFM
4 Happy go lucky twitter birds that will encourage both your faithful followers and potential followers.

Twitter Buttons by Blog Marketing Web
31 attractive buttons to enhance the twitter experience.

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