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Web statistics

Posted by admin on Saturday, January 10, 2009

Web statistics generally provide information that is better than the numbers shown on the web counter. For example, you can see the number of visits based on a certain period, or divided according to geographical location, or indicate how much data transfer is used, and other information.

Statistics on the web, you can see not only in the form of numbers, but also in the form of a table and graph. Information such as this is very useful to visit the site to analyze in greater detail.

Web statistics to take the raw data coming from all requests directed to your site (including a failed request), request is stored in a log file on the web server. The log is then processed by the application and web analytics reports shown to be statistically informative web.

Way above of course require access to the log file on the web server. What if we want to calculate a statistical site but does not have access to the log file on the web server? Way is to use the JavaScript let third-party servers each time a page of a site called web browser, this method is known by the name of page Tagging.

Showing statistical method with the web log files or page Tagging has the advantages and disadvantages of each. It is also possible to use a hybrid method that combines the two methods in the hope that the above information can give a more accurate statistics.

Some examples of the application is AWStats web analytics, W3Perl, Webalizer, phpMyVisites, and so forth

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