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Receive Calls from Visitors Blog

Posted by admin on Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blog generally offer convenience interacting between the owner and blog visitors. Means of communication used by the blog can be a comment on each post, column or general comments. If the owner of this blog is a personal communication with the visitors, not infrequently also provided a chat room or private address Messenger.

With the presence of jaxtr, blog visitors will get a different experience. They no longer communicate in the limit of any posts, but can make phone calls directly to the blog owner directly through the web.

How jaxtr widget actually quite simple. If visitors to your site, will appear the "call me free" to call you or send voice mail "to send a voice message. If jaxtr support sending SMS to your mobile operator, it will also appear option "text me" in the widget.

Once visitors choose the desired services, visitors will be asked to enter a phone number, then click on the button 'call me'. Not long after jaxtr will call you and your visitors. Once connected together, you can chat with visitors over the phone. Next, visitors will get you jaxtr number to contact you in the future. Instead you will also get the number of the caller. Do not worry concerning privacy, each party will not get the phone number that actually appear but the number is jaxtr.

To install a feature in the blog, you must first login to Jaxtr. On the main page, go to the 'Widgets'. Set your display widget in the 'Customize'. Once everything is ready, select the 'Post it!'

In the 'Pick your site, select the site in which you will install jaxtr widget. Then, select the widget you want to use in the 'Select widget for:'. There are several options on the size of it, from a large and complete up to the most simple. In the lower part, there are instructions on how to enter a widget to your site according to the location where jaxtr widget will be placed.

Next, jaxter widget is ready for use by visitors.

Not only blogs, you can use this feature on the site or in your social networking sites, like Friendster, My Space, Facebook, Hi5, LinkedIn, Yahoo 360 and various other social networking sites.

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