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Unique Pay-Per-Click

Posted by admin on Friday, January 2, 2009

Unique Pay-Per-Click is a method of payment where the advertiser only needs to pay for every 1 Unique IP addresses that do click on the ad material / Promotional / publishing / advertising is on the blog in the network, this is to avoid click-fraud/click- abuse

Indeed, not all bloggers blog if you want to advertise it. Moreover, if the form of banner ads is big-big, no doubt be avoided by the blogger. Generally, the ads that often appear in the blog is Google AdSense. But, what is effective to install AdSense blogs in Indonesia? is Blogger Indonesia Network is to get an alternative to additional revenue, with the spot to provide rooms at the blog as a place to deliver a message from the commercial Advertiser
Network advertise through the same with advertising through some Blog

AdSense can only work with the more true if the language used in the blog is English. If the blog is in Indonesia, the majority appear to be a public service ads from Google. This is because at least the AdSense advertisers that use Bahasa Indonesia.

In fact, what the purpose of installing AdSense blogger in his blog? Of course to get a little extra income from his blog. To all bloggers who use English in his blog, but still interested to install AdSense, consider first following questions:

How often do public service ads appear as a substitute for AdSense in your blog?
What is a click on the AdSense ads this?
Is it true that you get your income from AdSense?
If you do not get revenue, whether still need AdSense ads on your blog?
If you finally see AdSense does not give anything, while you still want to make money, you may need to consider other means. How honest of course, still based on your writing to blog, and is clearly not a money game or MLM. Thank-you thank if you get the rupiah, and need not trouble dealing with PayPal, Western Union, check or wire transfer Dollar from abroad, the big cost.

In fact now, there is no advertising on the model of a successful blog. However, the opportunity to find the right model is always there. Here are some ideas that the model is already running or is still a proposal.

1. Virtual Vending.

Virtual Vending application is more like a mini store that is installed as a banner on your blog. Through this application, your blog visitors can see the goods are offered Virtual Vending directly on your blog. Although this application could have been seen in various blogs and websites, it's still much that needs to be refined. But it could be, if the concept of this application preferred by many consumers and bloggers, a later time may be able to doubt Indonesia to buy consumer goods through the internet.

2. Write reviews (review) a product.

In the U.S., the way this is done by major brand to promote its products with the request for the blogger's leading mengulasnya. How, the product was introduced directly to the blogger, in the hope that the blogger will review the product that in his blog. The bloggers write freely their experience with the product. These reviews can be positive, can also be criticism. Basically, there is no element of coercion that the material must be written by the blogger. This model is not yet available in Indonesia. If the blogger will be interested in the concept of Indonesia such as this, may need a kind of organized advertising agency to become a mediator between the client and the blogger. Advertising agency will also handle public relations, if there is a review of the bloggers that are too spicy and the sloping of the products promoted.

3. Pay-per-click text ads.

Once the number of ad lines berseliweran on the internet, but have not been there for a mengadaptasikannya blog. The principle may be a combination of AdSense and Virtual Vending. Each blog can display text ads according catenarian theme blog. To develop applications such as where AdSense ads are placed based on the words that context clearly requires time. However, at least, bloggers can choose their own ads dipasangnya based on a certain category. Each ad is clicked by a visitor will provide income for the blogger percent.

4. Banner.

This may be a classic. The only problem is, not many advertisers who are interested to install the banner on the blog. They are more interested to install the banner on the leading portals such as Seconds or Compass, which received thousands of people visit each day. In fact, thousands of blogs in Indonesia have the potential to expose wider ad. However, it is necessary for the system was created first. May be necessary to have such a special advertising agency coordinate this activity. Every blogger who are interested can register blog following its monthly activity reports blog. Later, the banner will be installed on the blog that have been registered, and bloggers are paid based on the period of banner impressions and the number of visitors average blog. If there are only 10 registered blogs, advertisers may not be interested. But imagine, if there are 100 blog with each blog reaches 5000 unique visitors and 30,000 page is opened every month. If ditotal, number will be fantastic, and can even rival portal-leading portal.

Some ideas may not, this is not implemented. But of course, everything depends of the willingness of each blogger. Who knows if the idea is realized later, the bloggers can really make money from real activity to its blog.

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