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Web Rank

Posted by admin on Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ranking list / ranking because the tune is always easy to understand and directly hit the target. Is something that has a distinctive charm as if it shows the list: the richest in the world, films best oscar winner, and so on. How about a list of web terpopular?

One of the provider of the information is Alexa Internet, Inc. ( A subsidiary of Alexa rank taken based on the user visits Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and integrated in the sidebar in Mozilla and Netscape.

Although there is controversy about the accuracy of the information displayed Alexa, but the information displayed is used as a reference for both the popularity of a site in general.

Of course, the sites included in the list of 500 big alexa. com is a site that is not doubt popu-laritasnya. Conversely, if your site is still in the ranking of the less well according to Alexa, then it may be an indication that you need to improve the service site or sites you introduce wider again. You can view the ranking of a particular site information by typing the address of the site you want to search through the site nor how to install the Alexa Toolbar, or use SearchStatus extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Other methods introduced by Google with PageRank. PageRank measures the weight of a 0-10 scale of the site with a specific algorithm based on analysis of the link, which shows how the high level of interest (Importance) of a site.

The higher the value of your PageRank, the more weight your site, and of course also means that the more popular. Because PageRank calculation based on the links, then the relief efforts to enhance links with the tools and text-link programiklan. This is the accuracy and quality of the site that has a high PageRank is, therefore, Google is actively begin to provide penalties for sites that sell text-link to maintain the accuracy of the assessment PageRank. PageRank can be displayed through the Google Toolbar or SearchStatus extension on the Mozilla Firefox browser

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