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Microsoft Word for Blog

Posted by admin on Thursday, January 1, 2009

Microsoft Word can be used as an application to write in one of the free blog service Blogger. However, an additional software is required. Peranti is called Blogger for Word.

One of the service providers to create a blog in Blogger is free. Web sites that have been taken over by Google can be accessed at There, you can register. Seselainya registration, you can create a blog, make any posts, and "publish".

To register, you must online. But, to write, you do not need to be online so that berinternet save costs. The most simple way is to write a blog in the first text the editor, like Notepad or Microsoft Word, offline. If you are, a new online, open a web site blog service, log on, and copy-paste the text in the text the editor.

We call it the way is called Searched manually. How that will be explained next to the way we call automatically. The text still made offline. Its new online later and after construction.

How this automated using Microsoft Word. But not any Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word but that is equipped with an add-on called Blogger for Word. Additional applications can be obtained free of Installing a small packet size, only 2MB.

How can pemakaiannya summarized like this. Blogger for Word Once installed, the toolbar will appear on the Blogger Microsot Word. Then, write blog content as usual, but not the first online, offline only. If any posts have been completed, turn on intenet connection, and publis deh. Nah, I like the details below. Oh yes, pcplus use Word 2007 for this article. In the old version may be different, but only slightly.

1. Click [Add-Ins] on the menu at the top. Option [Add-Ins] sebaris with [Home], [Insert], [Page Layout], and others.

2. Click [Blogger Settings], and then on the box that appears, enter the username and password to log in to Blogger. Click [OK].

3. Type the content of blogs in Word. If completed, it's online. Then, click [Publish].

4. Enter the blog title and select the blog that will contain any posts. Click on [Send].

5. Done.

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