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10 Wordpress Widgets For Blog

Posted by admin on Friday, May 13, 2011

Today we will posting widgets from the other bigger community blog beside, this about wordpress widget, actually plenty source widget from them but in this time we will posting 10 wordpress widget for your good blog.

Please continue reading below topic;

Top Commentators

Lorna has a Top Commentators Widget that displays a list of the most active commentators (historically) with a link to each one’s blog. See it in action on her blog.

Flickr Tag Cloud

Josh wrote a Flickr Tag Cloud Widget for showing off your photonomic prowess.

IM Online 3.0

Martin recommends upgrading your IM Online widget to version 3.0:

This new version uses a new method for status checking, allowing for caching, intelligent status-server switching & speed improvements all round. Up to 7 accounts can be added. Highly recommended upgrade!

Conceiving Widgets 2.0

The WordPress Widgets plugin was released almost a year ago and we have learned a lot in those months: its strengths and weaknesses, its limitations, its quirks. A year is a long time to go without any major upgrades so I hope to deliver the next major version in the next few months.

Leave your comments for Widgets 1.x and your ideas for Widgets 2.0 on this post and I’ll do my best to condense this nebula into a star.

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Greig sent in a widgetized version of the classic quote rotator loaded with Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, a Saturday Night Live spot.

TypoXP Reloaded

The popular theme TypoXP has been updated with Widgets support.


Jean-Paul put together a nice Pandora widget for your WordPress sidebar. Pandora is a free music service that creates stations based on your feedback. The displays your favorite songs, a link to your profile and a little form to encourage others to sign up

Simple Tagging

Stefan sent in a tag cloud widget he made for the Simple Tagging Plugin.

Single Bookmark Category List

Azmeen created a widget to display just one of your bookmark categories at a time. This gives you more control over your bookmark listings. Here is the announcement.


Christoph presents the updated wpjeriko01 theme for WordPress 2.1 and Widgets.

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