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Download PC Media PCMAV 2.0.0 - Valkyrie

Posted by admin on Sunday, April 5, 2009

PC Media released PCMAV 2.0.0 Valkyrie and claimed afford to clean up thoroughly different virus. No other anti-virus that is capable of overcoming the complete virus computers, both local and foreign, which are spread in Indonesia and the safe PCMAV.

Generally there is only the antivirus is able to identify and delete files bervirus detected. PCMAV refine the level of accuracy detect a higher, more powerful, so in return files, documents and systems that are targeted to virus attacks recover 100%. With PCMAV, you will get antivirus which is not simply but the power to detect able to pursue a strong 99.9% of viruses known to the "radical" without damage to the file system and the infected.

Unique blend of features and accuracy, and awareness of the safety system, and file your documents, giving a perfection PCMAV antivirus on. In every edition of PC Media Magazine who publish each month, we continuously refine PCMAV this feature with the ability and in order to make the new antivirus PCMAV as appropriate needs You, faithful readers of PC Media Magazine. And a pride of Indonesia.

[Download Here]

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