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Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 24, 2008

this blog initially using this widget to put on her sidebar menu, please see on top right ! is widget counter for your nice blog to knowing who everthing statstics happen on your blog every time, 24 hour working and its free

the product like list below ;

-Real time online user statistics
- Hourly, daily and monthly stats - with forecast and comparison charts to help you understand visitor trends
-Referrer stats archived by day and month. We never clear your referrer stats, nor do we limit your log file size.
-Stats. for every page, and group of pages on your site! You can track stats of your photo section or the article section. Such statistics enable you concentrate development to the most visited pages on your site!
-Detailed information about visitors (language, Operating Systen, screen size, internet provider,DSL speed, etc.)
-Detailed information about visitors location (city, region, country)
-Fully detailed statistics of the last 20,000 visits! With referrer, complete page URLs and IP geolocation info. Your visitor data is aggregated into a downloadable APACHE-type log on a remotely hosted system. Our best competitor offers a log of 500 visits (others usually have just 20/100/200 )
-Click counter service! You can count how many people downloaded files from your website. You may also use this information for your link exchanges!
-Search engine trends
-Advanced functions like ROI and visitors conversion
-Visitor path tracking
-Hidden tracker available for free! Competitors usually require a logo on your site. We have no such requirements; Histats can be hidden, doing it's work silently!) counters work everywhere! We have different counter code formats; and can track users with either embedded flash code or javascript
-Free forum for online support, and access to a community of other Histats members.
-We never use hidden ads!Some other free statistics services hide pop-up ads in their counter code!

to use this widget you must be subscribe register fist with your own email account, for the detail please see on her site at

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